About a World of Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Yarn Solutions

Passion for textile tradition and innovation

Founded in 1895, our agency specializes in consulting and intermediating textiles. With the experience of more than 125 years we serve today our customers in classical and modern weaving and knitting as well as partners from industry and research with textile products.


We offer a wide network of reliable suppliers and business relationships, some of which exist since decades. Through constant innovations in the textile sector, we offer our well-known customers novel and individual product solutions. Thus, we primarily support developments at our business partners in the field of sustainability with recyclable and environmentally friendly yarns from Europe.


Preserve textile tradition and innovation in balance with our environment.

by becoming a strategic sourcing partner that offers knowledge and the best suppliers in order to help achieve their best results in the most eco-friendly and sustainable way possible.



We have a broad and reliable network of European partners.



Circular economy, recycled and environmentally friendly yarns from the EU are an established part of our portfolio.



We will be pleased to assist you with our many years of experience in order to find the best possible solution for you.



Always find the most sustainable solution without losing sight of its application.​

Trusted expertise since 1895​​

We live our values​​

Our day-to-day tasks give rise to our natural competencies of bringing people and ideas together and incorporating our expertise into development and innovation. To achieve this, we attach great importance to a transparent and open flow of information between all parties involved.

In view of the current developments in the global textile industry, we are convinced that our responsible way of working with respect to innovation and developments with recycled and environmentally friendly products from regional sourcing under fair working conditions is the right way to go. You are invited to join us on this path.


Over 125 years of our agency's history have seen a number of milestones. These are the most significant ones.

Franz Holstein Founded the Company

and quickly achieved fame and high reputation with the trade in raw silk from Italy, France and Switzerland. The first official entry appeared in 1910 in the Commercial Register in Krefeld, Germany 
in 1895
since 1930

Man-Made Fibers & Technical Glass Yarn

Along the way the agency made several acquisitions of commercial agencies. After the WW II the portfolio started to include man-made fibres and technical glass yarns for industry partners. 

Rise out of Recession

In the difficult time of the recession and the structural crisis of the textile industry, with closures of well-known trading partners, the company was renamed Franz Holstein GmbH & Co.
Due to a new, successful positioning in the market, the company rose to become one of the most important trading agencies in the Lower Rhine Area in the 1980s.
1971 - 1991
since 1992

Technical Applications with Textiles

The main activities are still in the traditional field of yarns for fashion and home textiles. Besides, the field of technical applications has developed as an important business area, which is constantly being expanded with new products and services.
Also a new sales branch emerges through the production of machine parts in connection with heat-resistant insulation material for the bottle and container glass industry.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Yarn Solutions

Starting to emphasize work with recycled fibers and sourcing with an eye for ecological footprint for a sustainable future.

since 2008

Continue with Passion for Tradition and Innovation

We continue our work in the fields of fashion and homeware as well as on textiles various technical applications. Always thriving for innovation and preserving tradition.

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Franz Holstein