Insulation and Heat Protection

Heat Protection

Heat Resistant Materials

Braided Ribbons
100% Stainless Steel Yarn

Narrow Woven Tapes
E-Glass, PBO, Steel/Aramid

Aramid, Stainless steel, E-Glass, Silica, Basalt

Glass-, Silica-, Aramid-, Stainless Steel Fiber, PBO

Cords & Hoses
100% Stainless Steel Yarn, Glass fiber, Aramid with various coatings

Insulation & Gasket Cords


mit und ohne Klebeausrüstung

Metalldraht verstärkt

aus mineralischen Fasern

wie Glasfasern, Siliziumoxid, Aluminumsilikat

aus Keramikgarn

hoch-temperaturbeständiges Keramik-Garn, biolöslisch Polyurethan-, Acrylat-, PTFE- und Silikonelastomer-Beschichtung

schnittfest, farbig, flexibel

Vermiculite Ausrüstung

Textile Products for Insulation and Heat Resistance​

Whether it’s repairing established systems, equipping modern plants, or realizing new ideas? Sometimes you need something tiny, flexible, heat-resistant, insulating, sealing or versatile.

Innovative textile insulation and heat protection products such as high-temperature resistant ribbons, packings, seals, hoses, nonwovens or yarns can be an optimal solution for such special challenges.


Heat Resistant Products

Textile Heat Protection for Industry

Large and small projects require different products.

braided ribbons from 100% stainless steel yarn,

temperature resistant up to 800 °C, flexible, free from fiber contamination

narrow fabric ribbons from e-glass yarn

narrow fabric ribbons from PBO

narrow fabric ribbons from steel/aramid


stainless steel




glass fiber

silica fiber

aramid fiber

stainless steel fiber


100% stainless steel

glass fiber


with various coatings

Products Made from Reliable Materials

Our braided, woven, knitted, twisted or bonded insulation and heat protection products are used in a wide range of applications in the glass and metal processing industry, mechanical engineering, heating and ventilation technology, boiler, furnace and plant engineering, automotive and aerospace technology, petrochemicals, the construction industry and the automotive industry.

With our innovative technology and extensive knowledge, we can also turn your idea into a successful project.


Insulation & Gasket Cords

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