Cones of Glass Yarn

Textile Glass Yarn

Twisted Glass Yarn

E-Glass, S2-Glass, Silica Glass, Basalt

Combinations with, e.g., aramid, steel or PES also possible

Acrylic Dyed Yarns & Twine

Abrasion resistant & highly UV resistant
in different types

Coated Glass Silk

Impregnations & Coatings
with PTFE, PU, PA, EVA, CoPET 

Innovative Solutions with Glass Textiles​

Versatile design with glass yarn​

Textile glass is a sustainable, ecologically natural material and is one of the most widely used materials in a wide range of industries. Demanding projects can be realized with our products.

All glass yarns we offer have a fineness of > 5µ and are therefore harmless to health.


Twisted Glass Yarn

Combined Attributes

available on the basis of all commercially glass textiles, such as E-glass, S2-glass, silica glass and basalt. Twisting with other materials, such as aramid, steel or PES is possible according to customer specifications.


Production of fabrics for decoration, sun protection, heat protection, architecture and insulation, insulating sleeves and knitted fabrics.

Characteristics of Textile Glass​

Certified Glass Yarn for Industrial Applications​

E-glass yarn is a filament yarn that is used for many industrial applications with the highest demands due to its excellent properties, such as high temperature resistance up to approx. 500°C, stability and durability.

Our ISO 9001 certified yarns are used in the field of heat protection and insulation fabrics, for the cable industry, composites or as technical sewing threads.

Reliable Heat Protection Products

They exhibit high UV resistance as well as good abrasion resistance. The color yarns are temperature resistant up to 180°C and thus also meet high heat protection requirements.


Cable industry
Technical fabrics
Optical applications
Automotive and aviation


Acrylic Dyed Yarn & Twine​


Coated Glass Silk​

Coating Components​

PTFE offers resistance to all bases, alcohols, benzines and oils. With a very low coefficient of friction, PTFE has the best sliding and non-stick properties of all plastics. It is also non-flammable and can be exposed to high temperatures. The coating increases the tensile strength by 10 - 20%.

Coatings with EVA, PU, CoPET, PA are suitable for sewing threads or individual applications. They are used for insulation in power plant construction, in technical fabrics or for garment making. Hand sewing threads are particularly suitable in the repair sector.​

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