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Wool Yarn

Merino & Lambs Wool

Carded and worsted yarn

Nm 3,5 to Nm 200


Stock Program
uni and melanges

100% in Nm 28/2


70/30% Nm 60/1, Nm 60/2

Baby-Alpaca/Merino Wool
70/30% Nm 20, Nm 40, Nm 60 in single and double

Wool Blends

Merino Wool
with cashmere, angora, camel hair, alpaca, silk, cotton, viscose or polyamide.

Stock Service
Cashmere/Silk 70/30% Nm 56/2

Premium Carded and Worsted Yarns​

Made in Europe

Sheep are among the oldest farm animals of man. About 10,000 years ago, the wool sheep and its virgin wool developed into one of the most important textile fibers due to its useful properties.

The most commonly used wool fiber is from merino sheep. Our merino wool comes primarily from Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay as well as Argentina. Especially the vast steppes of Patagonia are considered one of the world’s leading sheep breeding areas.

For reasons of animal protection, we only use mulesing free wool, which can be certified with NATIVA and RWS.


Wool Yarn
Natural & Colored

Mulesing Free Breeding

We carry carded and worsted yarns from Nm 3.5 to Nm 200 in the most common types of sheep wool, such as merino or lambs wool.

Precious Wool

In addition, we offer high quality wool yarn from precious hair, characterized by its smooth fall and lightness. The precious hairs come from alpaca, vicuña, camel, cashmere, yak, angora or mohair. Due to the rarity of these fibers, they are considered very exclusive and are used in our wool blends.

Beneficial Characteristics for Apparel​

Convincing Versatility of Wool Yarn​

Wool is known for its temperature-regulating properties, making it an ideal fiber for outdoor clothing, fashion and homeware. It absorbs up to a third of its own weight in moisture and dries quickly. In hot weather, virgin wool cools naturally; in cold weather, it keeps warm. In addition, it has an antibacterial and odor-repellent effect, as it is difficult for bacteria to settle in the overlying scaly structure. The malodorous salts from sweat are neutralized by the wool.

From a sustainability point of view, wool also has a number of advantages. Since it is a renewable fiber, it conserves resources and is 100% biodegradable. Furthermore, wool is recyclable and can be reused for new goods in the sense of the circular economy. New recycling processes and methods are constantly being developed for this purpose.




Climatic Regulation


Easy Care



Feel Pure Luxury

Cashmere yarn is particularly light and soft - therefore pure comfort on the skin.
With our Italian partner we produce carefully processed cashmere yarns from selected fibers. The stock program is available in natural as well as in melanges. Experience the harmonious color selection for yourself.





Experience Tender Comfort

Alpaca wool is one of the most valuable and noble types of wool. It is the only wool fiber with a hollow structure and is therefore remarkably climate regulating.

The fine wool from baby alpaca is of exceptional quality. Due to its long staple length it is very soft, shiny and hardly pills. Since this wool is only available in limited quantities, it is spun in blends with merino wool or silk, as in:

70/30% Nm 60/1 or Nm 60/2
Baby-Alpaca/Merino Wool
70/30% Nm 20, Nm 40, Nm 60 in single and double

Find Custom Quality

In search of exquisite wool blends you will find us and our Italian partners. We combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative spinning technology. This is how fine, exclusive wool blend yarns with Italian flair are created.

Develop with us your very own merino wool blends with cashmere, angora, camel hair, alpaca, silk, cotton, viscose or polyamide.

There's a stock program for Cashmere/Silk 70/30% in Nm 56/2 with Just-in-Time deliveries.


Wool Blends

NATIVA und Responsible Wool Standard

Sustainability, Animal Welfare and Transparency​

Those who love animals also take care to treat them with respect. Animal welfare is very important to us and our partners. The countries of origin of our merino wool are primarily Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Uruguay. We work with NATIVA and Responsible Wool Standard certified breeders.

With respect to the Responsible Wool Standard producers agree to adhere to strict animal welfare, land management and ethical labor guidelines. NATIVA uses blockchain technology to ensure transparency of animal welfare and sustainability. Thus, everyone who buys certified goods can make a contribution in terms of animal, social and environmental responsibility.

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