Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability for an intact and livable future

Acting sustainably with regard to our environment is a fundamental part of our activities. As an agency, we take social and environmental responsibility for our activities so that we leave an intact and livable world for future generations. Thus, we are always looking for newer and better ways to contribute to a socially and environmentally sustainable textile industry.
We believe that everyone can and should contribute to sustainability and climate protection. To do so, you have to deal with it individually.
We are pleased to assist you in the implementation of corporate responsibility. Our partners are experienced manufacturers for ecologically produced natural fibers as well as for high-quality recycled yarns. Thus, we are able to spin new high-quality yarns from textile waste (pre- & post-consumer) in order to establish a circular textile economy.

Immerse in Our Sustainable Projects



High quality recycled cotton yarn becomes circular



Sustainability in the origin of wool with its versatile properties


Linen & Hemp

Back to the roots - to the oldest and most ecologically sustainable fiber, which incidentally also detoxifies soils

silk cocoon 2

No Cruelty Silk

In this form of sustainable silk production, the butterfly remains alive


Filament Yarn

Innovatively recovered or biodegradable synthetics

Time To Become Sustainable

It is up to all of us to take corporate responsibility

It is up to our corporate responsibility reduce the textile waste mountains. In today’s fast-paced world, good textile quality is far too rarely emphasized. Year after year, fast fashion produces vast quantities of low quality textiles that cannot be recycled, but incinerated. But a change in consumer thinking is taking place in all age groups. Increasingly, people are looking for sustainable products when making purchases. 
Those who are concerned with the origin of textile products and are familiar with the long artisanal production processes also value a sustainable product. The customer enjoys longer, cares for it carefully and can later return it to the textile cycle, where a valuable sustainable product can be reborn.
Therefore, our corporate focus is always directed towards an environmentally and socially responsible product. With the knowledge of diverse properties of natural and man made yarns, we can recommend specific  solutions for different purposes. Many outstanding characteristics of traditionally produced yarns have been forgotten. They can be a crucial part for a sustainable planet.
Franz Holstein