Filament Yarn

Smart Textiles

Digital Identity
RFID / NFC blending and winding yarn

Conductive Yarn
electrical yarns for phase change materials or sensor technology

Shielding Yarn
blocks electromagnetic radiation

Technical Yarn

Protective gear

flame retardant PA6.6

Water Soluble Yarn
Polyvinyalcohol (PVA)

Tear resistant yarn

Filament Yarn

Recycled Yarn
PA-& PES-Yarn

Heat & Infrared Reflective Yarn
Bio-Keramik Garn

Elastic Air Texturized Yarns
Blended yarn on PA/EL

Textil 4.0​

Intelligent fibers for smart textiles​

The field of application of innovative yarns is manifold.  Through constant further development of textile technologies, we offer customer-specific technical yarns and product solutions for smart and technical textiles in cooperation with our competent partners.


Smart Textiles

Digital and Conductive Yarn

RFID / NFC blending and wrapping yarns are used for fast identification of textiles for end consumers as well as for modern warehouse logistics, blockchain application or theft protection.

Blended yarns with carbon fibers as well as yarns for heatable fabrics can be developed. Those are e.g. used in phase change materials (PCM) or in sensor technologies.

In addition to conductive yarns, shielding yarns can also be used. So-called canopies block electromagnetic radiation.

Technologically Sophisticated Filament Yarns​

Textured filament, twisted, wrapping and blended yarns​

The wide range of yarns made from natural fibers already offers a variety of excellent properties. However, this textile palette becomes even broader when combined with synthetic filament yarns. State-of-the-art technologies turn textured filament yarns into unique products for technical and functional textiles with outstanding properties.
These intelligent filament yarns are already indispensable for use in textile and technical applications such as medical or home textiles, tapes, technology and sports.
The diverse processing methods of synthetic continuous filament yarns, such as polyamide, polyester, polybutylene terephthalate, PA66 flame retardant as well as blended yarns with elastane, copper (shielding), carbon (conductive) create intelligent and smart yarns.

Ultra strong or easy to dissolve

Yarns made of permanently flame retardant (fr) PA66 polymer are used for personal protective equipment (ppe). The effective protection is convincing due to its permanency when washed and in use. No environmentally hazardous high-grade chemicals are used in the production process.

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) can also be used for specific applications. It is water soluble at various temperatures and can therefore dissolve during the first wash cycle.

For tear-resistant, Cordura®-like, yarns, we offer our PA/PES/AR and UHMPE yarns with increased tear strength as well as abrasion resistance.


Technical Yarn

Recycling of Synthetic Fibers​

Synthetics become recyclable and biodegradable​

Used textiles made of PA6 and PA66 are ideally suited to be reintroduced into a sustainable textile circle as recycled yarn.

Innovative processing helps us to achieve fully recycled functional textiles and creates a permanent, eco-friendly textile cycle for a sustainable future.

Instead of recycling, we have the possibility to use biodegradable nylon 6.6.


Synthetic Yarn

Endless Opportunities for Garments

The field of application for synthetic poly- and elastomers is literally endless:

Recycled pre- and post-consumer waste is used to produce PA & PES yarns.

Bio-ceramic yarn designed to reflect heat and infrared stimulates the body's regeneration, making it particularly suitable for functional clothing and bedding.

Air textured single stage elastic combination yarns made of PA and EL combine a pleasant feel on the skin as well as flexibility and can also be dyed.

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