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Cotton Yarn

Recycled Cotton

GRS Certified

100% Recycled Cotton
Nm 6 - Nm 30

Recycled Cotton / Recycled PES Blends
Nm 6 - Nm 30

Organic Cotton

GOTS & BCI certified
Nm 3,5 - Nm 31

OE Colored Yarn

Nm 6 - Nm 40

Nm 6 - Nm 40

Stock Service
Nm 20/1 Nm 30/1 Nm 28/1

OE Cotton Blends

60/40% 80/20%
Nm 5 - Nm 12

60/40% 80/20%
Nm 6 - Nm 20

Ringspun Virgin Cotton

Virgin Cotton 
Nm 17 - Nm 120

Cotton Blends
with bamboo, ramie, viscose, micromodal, tencel, linen, wool, cashmere and silk
Nm 17 - Nm 120

Sustainable Cotton Yarn

Made in the EU

Together with our European partners, we focus on high-quality ring spun and open-end spun cotton yarns produced for home textiles, apparel, and technical textiles.

We offer our certified qualities as recycled cotton as well as organic cotton. Both can be realized in different qualities and finenesses. Individual requirements for yarn can be respected.


Recycled Cotton

Open-End Yarn From Pre-Consumer Waste

Waste from production is often too good to let go. Reuse is a better solution. We refurbish the waste and spin it together with virgin fibers to bring it back to life.

We offer our OE yarns with and without GRS certification in Nm 6 to Nm 30 in bleached or raw white. These can also be spun in blends with, for example, recycled polyester.
 For production areas such as sportswear or socks, we also recommend finishing the yarn with our innovative Feelfresh technology.

New Life for Old Textiles

recycled cotton yarn reduces the ecological footprint​

Have you ever thought about the advantages of using recycled cotton instead of pure cotton? The raw material is recovered from selected textile waste in ecru, white or colored. Thus, there is no need to grow new cotton, which reduces the consumption of water, fertilizers, pesticides and dyes. Here are some of the positive effects that 1,000 kg of our recycled yarn have on our environment:

less water consumption
0 l
less chemicals
0 kg
less emitted CO2
0 kg
less energy consumption
0 kWh
less contaminated wastewater
0 l

More Than Hype

Those who choose organic cotton ensure a more sustainable life. Organic cotton grows naturally in environmentally friendly mixed cultures and makes a decisive contribution to climate protection.

For weaving and knitting we carry GOTS certified open end spun yarns from Nm 3.5 - Nm 31 according to controlled organic cultivation as well as sustainably grown raw cotton according to the Better Cotton standard.


Organic Cotton

Jerry Hobert/

Spin Fibers for a Better Future

characteristics and finenesses of certified organic cotton​

Organic cotton is one of the most important natural fibers in the textile sector. Compared to non-certified cotton, many negative aspects in cultivation, processing and production can be eliminated by means of GOTS and BCI. First and foremost, the certificates create transparency for the origin of the fibers. There, they guarantee compliance with social, ethical and ecological standards. These include, in particular, organic land management in which synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers are omitted. Water consumption on organic plantations is also significantly reduced due to the multiple cultivation of the soil and the efficient use of rainwater. Since organic cotton is largely produced by small farmers, prices and wages are supported by means of organic premiums and long-term purchase contracts.
What makes organic cotton so popular for apparel and home textiles is its soft feel, skin-friendliness, ease of care and durability. It is also an excellent basis for a wide variety of blends, as it can be easily spun with other fibers. In this way, different fiber properties can be successfully combined according to the desired use.


Organic Agriculture


Natural Irrigation


Social Responsibility


No Pesticides

Our cotton yarns are mainly used in traditional weaving and knitting for apparel, home textiles, technical fabrics and industrial applications.
Open end spun yarns are available from Nm 1.25 to Nm 30 as single yarn or multiple twisted yarn. The yarns can be bleached, raw white or colored.
Ring spun yarns are fine, uniform and tear-resistant yarns of very high quality in counts from Nm 17 to Nm 120. They are available in 100% cotton and various blends.


Recycled Colored Yarn

Sustainable World of Color

Recycled color yarn in cotton / synthetic OE from Nm 6 to Nm 30, single and twisted.

Cotton/Polyester 80/20%
Cotton/Acrylic 50/50%

In order to provide our customers with optimal service with short delivery times, we offer a stock service in
Nm 20/1, Nm 30/1 and Nm 28/1 according to our color charts.

Light and Breezy Fiber Blends

Open spun cotton blends with hemp or linen like

Cotton/Hemp 60/40% or 80/20%
Nm 5 bis Nm 12
Cotton/Linen 60/40% or 80/20%
Nm 6 bis Nm 20

The natural fiber yarns are supplied on metered spools. They are available as single and multiple twisted yarns for warp and weft, and also waxed for knitting.


Cotton with Hemp & Linen


Ring Spun Virgin Cotton

Gentle and Easy Care Yarns

The ring spinning process is used to produce fine, uniform and tear-resistant yarns of very high quality.

100% Raw White Cotton
Various Cotton Blends

with bamboo, ramie, viscose, micromodal, tencel, linen, wool, cashmere or silk as well as synthetic blends with nylon 6.6 in Nm 17 to Nm 120.

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